Spring 2017 Midmarket CIO Award of Excellence Open for Submissions Deadline is FRIDAY, MARCH 10

The Award of Excellence in the Office of Midmarket CIO for the Spring 2017 Midmarket CIO Forum April 9-11 in Savannah is open for nominations and submissions for only a few more days!

This distinguished award honors innovative IT executives who've successfully partnered with leading solution providers to drive business forward.

It celebrates these standout midmarket organizations and helps highlight their stories with peer executives and IT teams.

Steve Brown, VP Management Information Systems, EMCD was honored with the Award of Excellence in the Office of Midmarket CIO for his partnership with Cellular Optimization.

Month-over-month wireless costs were rising. Data did not show a clear view of their wireless cost structure. Cellular Optimization made an immediate impact by using their proprietary MAX-Ops software. The next month, ECMD saw a 30% cost reduction per user, resulting in $50,000 gross annualized savings.

Previous winners include Michael Cahoon, VP and CIO, CP Kelco for his partnership with OutSystems; Cory Mason, CIO, Twin Disc for his partnership with Netreo;  Mike Kelley, Dir. of IT, MVT Services for his partnership with Kubisys; John Valker, CIO of Daybreak Venture for his company's partnership with Aerohive to upgrade to a controller-less solution at their 75 facilities; Harrison Lewis, CIO of Northgate Markets for his company's partnership with SnapLogic to modernize and connect the ERP and warehouse management systems in only 12 weeks; Lea Deesing, CIO for City of Riverside, who was recognized for her company's partnership with ACS, a Xerox company, where significant technology investments anchored the area's economic recovery; and Endre Walls, then CTO of Resources for Human Development, for a partnership with VMWare and MaaS360 to implement a national electronic records platform and supporting systems.

CIOs, IT executives and vendors are encouraged to submit nominations. The winner will be selected by a panel of CIOs based on: the nature, breadth and complexity of the project; results measured in terms of performance improvement and financial benefits; and finally, the ability to characterize the project and effectively communicate its significance.

Don't wait! Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 10, 2017, and the winner will be announced Tuesday, April 11 during the Midmarket CIO Forum in Savannah, GA.

Submit your Nomination

Provide a brief description of the business unit or organization. This overview should include the mission and objectives, products and services, markets where it competes, and operational challenges.

State the issue or problem the organization recognized, addressed, and solved; such as: New Business Opportunity / Significant Growth / Process Optimization / Coat Reduction / Risk Mitigation

Please elaborate on the specific steps, processes followed and solution provider with whom your organization partnered to address the challenge.

The results in terms of measurable benefits to the organization, to customers, and to the achievement of the targeted objectives. Please describe the business deliverable measured against business outcome to illustrate the impact to the business.

Michael Calhoon is presented the CIO Award of Excellence by Amy Abbott of Boardroom Events at the Spring 2016 Midmarket CIO Forum.

Steve Brown, VP MIS at ECMD, accepts the Midmarket CIO Award of Excellence from Charles Badoian, Boardroom Events President (left); Stacy Whitley and Lori Durham of Cellular Optimization; and Melissa Park, VP, Sales Development, Boardroom Events.